Ubiquiti products are known for their cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions in the field of wireless networking and surveillance systems. Ubiquiti offers a wide range of products, including access points, routers, switches, security cameras, and network video recorders (NVRs). These products are designed to provide reliable and high-performance network connectivity, enabling seamless communication and data transfer. Ubiquiti products are highly regarded for their advanced features, scalability, and ease of use, making them ideal for both residential and enterprise applications. With Ubiquiti products, users can create robust and secure networks to meet their connectivity and surveillance needs.
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Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UDM-Pro UniFi Dream Machine Pro

$546.00 SGD$542.00 SGD
The Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro is a comprehensive, enterprise-grade UniFi OS Console and security gateway, meticulously crafted to cater to the full spectrum of the UniFi application suite. This powerful device...
Ubiquiti Cloud Key Gen2 Plus - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UCK-G2-PLUS CloudKey+ Gen2

$295.00 SGD
Unify Your Network Management The Cloud Key Gen2 Plus is a compact, powerful solution designed to simplify the task of managing your UniFi application suite. Whether placed on your desk...
Ubiquiti U6 In-Wall Access Point - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti U6 In-Wall Access Point

$259.00 SGD$251.00 SGD
Compact, Wall-Mounted WiFi 6 Solution The Ubiquiti U6 In-Wall (U6-IW) is a state-of-the-art, wall-mounted access point designed to deliver powerful performance while seamlessly blending into any room or corridor. Key...
Ubiquiti UniFi UXG-Pro Gateway Pro Router - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UXG-Pro Gateway Pro

$745.00 SGD
Advanced Dual-WAN Security Gateway Designed for Medium to Large-Sized Network Protection The Ubiquiti Gateway Pro (UXG-Pro) is a comprehensive solution for network security, tailored to meet the demands of medium...
Ubiquiti UVC-G5-FLEX G5 Flex 4MP Cube IP Camera - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UVC-G5-FLEX G5 Flex 4MP Cube IP Camera

$205.88 SGD$182.00 SGD
Versatile and Compact Surveillance Solution Optimized for Flexible Deployment in Various Settings The Ubiquiti UVC-G5-FLEX G5 Flex 4MP Cube IP Camera is a compact and adaptable surveillance device, perfect for...
Ubiquiti UVC-AI-360 Camera AI 360 - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UVC-AI-360 Camera AI 360

$652.94 SGD$578.00 SGD
Comprehensive Surveillance Solution Unparalleled 360° Monitoring for Ultimate Security The Ubiquiti UVC-AI-360 Camera AI 360 is a state-of-the-art surveillance camera, adept for both indoor and outdoor environments. Its advanced features...
Ubiquiti U6 Enterprise In-Wall Access Point - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti U6 Enterprise In-Wall Access Point

$499.00 SGD$449.00 SGD
Ubiquiti U6 Enterprise In-Wall: Revolutionizing Office Connectivity WiFi 6E Technology Meets Unparalleled Design Transform your high-density office network with the Ubiquiti U6 Enterprise In-Wall (U6-Enterprise-IW). Designed for wall-mounted convenience, this...
Ubiquiti U6 Lite Access Point - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti U6 Lite Access Point

$137.96 SGD$133.82 SGD
Compact and Versatile WiFi 6 Access Point Features: Dual-Band Operation: 5 GHz WiFi 6 band and 2.4 GHz WiFi 4 band. High Speed: Provides an aggregate throughput rate of up...
Ubiquiti CK-Enterprise CloudKey Enterprise - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti CK-Enterprise CloudKey Enterprise

$7,748.45 SGD$7,516.00 SGD
The Ultimate UniFi Management Console Elevating Network Management to Unprecedented Levels The Ubiquiti CK-Enterprise CloudKey Enterprise stands as a monumental leap in network management solutions, specifically engineered to handle large-scale...
Ubiquiti UXG-Lite Gateway Lite - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UXG-Lite Gateway Lite

$199.95 SGD$193.95 SGD
Compact Powerhouse for Advanced Networking Transforming Connectivity with Enhanced Performance and Security The Ubiquiti UXG-Lite Gateway Lite emerges as a formidable UniFi gateway, packing a suite of sophisticated routing and...
Ubiquiti UACC-FM Floating Mount for UniFi Express - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UACC-FM Floating Mount for UniFi Express

$44.95 SGD$44.00 SGD
Enhance Your UniFi Setup with Magnetic Ease Streamlined Mounting for UniFi Devices The Ubiquiti Floating Mount is designed to complement the sleek design of UniFi Express and Gateway Lite devices,...
Ubiquiti UX UniFi Express - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UX UniFi Express

$265.00 SGD$230.95 SGD
Compact Powerhouse for Modern Networking Revolutionizing Connectivity with Seamless Integration The Ubiquiti UniFi Express redefines what you can expect from a network gateway and access point. Engineered for both efficiency...