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Ubiquiti Dream Wall - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UDW UniFi Dream Wall

$1,481.00 SGD$1,436.00 SGD
Introducing the Ubiquiti Dream Wall - a powerful wall-mountable UniFi Gateway Console that combines the best of routing, wireless access, video recording, and power-over-ethernet (PoE) capabilities into a single, sleek...
Ubiquiti Dream Machine Special Edition - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UDM-SE UniFi Dream Machine Special Edition

$740.00 SGD$725.00 SGD
Experience the future of networking with the Dream Machine Special Edition. This all-in-one, enterprise-grade UniFi OS Console and security gateway is meticulously crafted to cater to all your networking needs....
Ubiquiti UXG-Max Gateway Max - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UXG-Max Gateway Max

$327.98 SGD$308.45 SGD
Elevating Networking to New Heights Next-Generation Networking Solution for SMEs The Ubiquiti UXG-Max Gateway Max emerges as a comprehensive solution, engineered to cater to the high-performance networking demands of small...
Ubiquiti Cloud Key Gen2 Plus - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UCK-G2-PLUS CloudKey+ Gen2

$283.49 SGD$274.98 SGD
Unify Your Network Management The Cloud Key Gen2 Plus is a compact, powerful solution designed to simplify the task of managing your UniFi application suite. Whether placed on your desk...
Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UDM-Pro UniFi Dream Machine Pro

$546.00 SGD$542.00 SGD
The Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro is a comprehensive, enterprise-grade UniFi OS Console and security gateway, meticulously crafted to cater to the full spectrum of the UniFi application suite. This powerful device...
Ubiquiti UDM-Pro-Max UniFi Dream Machine Pro Max - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UDM-Pro-Max UniFi Dream Machine Pro Max

$929.00 SGD$909.00 SGD
Advanced 10 Gbps Cloud Gateway Maximize Your Network's Potential The Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro Max is a powerhouse gateway designed for high-capacity environments needing robust throughput and security. Expanding upon...
Ubiquiti CK-Enterprise CloudKey Enterprise - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti CK-Enterprise CloudKey Enterprise

$7,748.45 SGD$7,516.00 SGD
The Ultimate UniFi Management Console Elevating Network Management to Unprecedented Levels The Ubiquiti CK-Enterprise CloudKey Enterprise stands as a monumental leap in network management solutions, specifically engineered to handle large-scale...
Ubiquiti UXG-Lite Gateway Lite - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti UXG-Lite Gateway Lite

$182.57 SGD$181.00 SGD
Compact Powerhouse for Advanced Networking Transforming Connectivity with Enhanced Performance and Security The Ubiquiti UXG-Lite Gateway Lite emerges as a formidable UniFi gateway, packing a suite of sophisticated routing and...
Ubiquiti Dream Machine - ACE Peripherals

Ubiquiti Dream Machine

$434.00 SGD$421.00 SGD
The Ubiquiti Dream Machine is an all-in-one network solution tailored to provide robust LAN and WiFi coverage. Acting as both a console and security gateway, the Dream Machine presents a unified...