OpenSpace Capture

Reality Capture,
Made Simple

OpenSpace Capture is the fastest and simplest way to fully document your jobsite. Get the images you need to visualize progress, reduce risk, and solve problems.

With 360-degree cameras, the OpenSpace system will capture imagery as they walk through the site. The AI algorithms then stitch these images together to create comprehensive, navigable "Google Street View"-like representations of the site.

Go from capture to conversation in minutes



Attach a camera, tap record, and walk the site—it’s that simple.




Capture 150,000 sq. ft. per hour and view your data in just 15 minutes on average.




AI powers our platform, giving you the information you need to make quick decisions.




OpenSpace trusted on 20K+ projects, SOC 2 certified, and backed by investors.


Transforming the Future of Digital Space

OpenSpace Capture is a revolutionary technology product that empowers users to digitally document, explore, and share physical environments with unparalleled ease and precision. 

As our lives increasingly intersect with digital realms, the ability to seamlessly navigate between the physical and digital world becomes crucial. This is where OpenSpace Capture comes into play.




Automated site capture made easy

Confidently capture the images you need—and even some you might not know you need—with little to no extra work. Simply connect your camera and walk your site. OpenSpace Capture documents 150,000 square feet per hour, hands free. That’s it. Our Vision Engine takes over from here, automatically mapping images to your plans. No more searching for photos in files or albums.

360° video and 360° photos

Attach a 360° camera, tap record in the OpenSpace app, and walk the site as you normally would. Our capture coverage heatmap shows you areas previously captured, helping you plan your next capture path. You can also take 360° photo stills and mobile phone photos any time and pin them to your floor plan.

LiDAR and laser scanning

With our 3D Scan feature, use your LiDAR-enabled iPhone or iPad to quickly get an accurate three-dimensional scan with two inch measurement accuracy. We also integrate with Forge Point Cloud View so you can bring in your laser scan data for storing, viewing, and sharing with other team members all within OpenSpace. Learn more about 3D Scan.

Drones and robots

With OpenSpace, capture how you want—if you can attach a camera to it, you can capture with it. Fly your jobsite and map it to your elevation plans using the integrated dual 360° camera, Insta360 Sphere, for the best drone capture experience.

Mobile devices

Download our mobile app on your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Then use QuickConnect to sync your 360° camera. On the jobsite use your device to add a Field Note, take and pin photos to floor plans, and compare current field conditions to BIM for streamlined communication.

Image enhancements

Lighting conditions on a jobsite can be imperfect, and we know image quality is important. Use our image enhancement tools to adjust brightness, shadows, and sharpness to improve quality after you’ve captured and avoid another trip to the site.

Heat Notes

Attach an off-the-shelf infrared camera to your mobile device and gather IR data to understand thermal conditions for insulation, hot work, and water leaks.

Project coordination that solves problems

OpenSpace maps and publishes your images lightning fast—start viewing in 15 minutes on average. Communicate visually by adding Field Notes to your project, putting critical information at your team’s fingertips to make decisions and get the job done.

Split View

Track progress across time from the trailer, office, or halfway across the world. Just pick two dates to get a side-by-side comparison of any captured area—see photos of what was in place before concrete was poured or drywall was installed.

Reveal Mode

While on-site, it’s easy to use your phone for a quick comparison of current and past conditions. Reveal Mode overlays a previous capture in real time to the current condition in front of you—then use the slider to reveal any items that have been covered up or built over.

Shared Folders

Securely share a select set of OpenSpace captures with specific people on your project team or via a public link to guests. Simply create a folder, choose your captures, and add email addresses.

Field Notes

Create notes while you’re capturing and add detailed comments, images, or attachments—our software automatically pins them to floor plans. Field Notes enable powerful image-based workflows and communication that eliminate back-and-forth emails or phone calls. Learn more about Field Notes.

BIM coordination

Navigate and compare your site conditions to your BIM (not just a 3D image)—your model is fully aligned and you can turn layers on and off, snap measurements, and save views to share. And if you’re actively working with BIM, learn about all you can do with OpenSpace BIM+.

Integrations with Procore, Autodesk, and Revizto

We don’t like double entry, and we bet you don’t either. View OpenSpace captures and Field Notes in Procore, Autodesk Construction Cloud (BIM 360 & Build), Revizto, and PlanGrid. Plus, export image data directly into RFIs, observations, and more.

Scalable admin tools that empower

Securely manage projects and users, gain visibility into OpenSpace adoption and usage across your portfolio, and showcase OpenSpace ROI to stakeholders and clients.

Manage users

Save time by easily scaling your enterprise with our Team Management tool. Add or remove one to hundreds of users in seconds, or integrate with single sign-on. Easily change permission levels and resend any missed email invitations to ensure your team members have access to their OpenSpace projects.

Admin reports

Gather essential data on captures, Field Notes, and other OpenSpace activity with admin reporting. Plus, easily export reports as PDF or CSV files to share and showcase the value of OpenSpace to stakeholders.

Security and SOC 2

OpenSpace is Privacy Shield certified, SOC 2 compliant, and even compliant with the planet’s strictest security policies, EU’s GDPR. We’re also working to receive FedRAMP certification. Learn more about our industry-leading security program and security commitment.

Subscription Portal

The easiest way to maximize the value of your OpenSpace license is through our Subscription Portal. Log in to review your contract, adjust project start and end dates, understand how much capacity you have used, and how much you have left for new projects.

Offline Deliverable

Get a zip-file download of your full project to view your 360° captures. This file is a historical record spanning various phases, installations, and conditions during construction and is yours to keep for a lifetime (or longer).

Update plans and BIM

Admins can easily update floor plans or BIM in OpenSpace by replacing or syncing files in project settings. No additional work is needed—our AI automatically maps every image to your new plan or model.

AI-Powered Analysis

OpenSpace's AI technology can potentially be used to automate certain analyses, such as identifying safety issues or tracking assets, further improving project efficiency and safety.

Project Documentation

OpenSpace provides a clear and navigable 360-degree visual record of a project's progress over time. This can be valuable for reference, quality control, and dispute resolution.

Improved Collaboration

By creating a virtual replica of a site, remote team members can "walk" the site as if they were there in person. This can enhance communication and collaboration among team members who are in different locations.

Integration Capabilities

OpenSpace can integrate with other construction management software, enabling teams to better plan, manage, and execute projects.

Time and Cost Efficiency

By reducing the need for physical site visits, OpenSpace can potentially save users significant time and travel costs.

Increased Transparency

The visual record created by OpenSpace can be shared with stakeholders, keeping them informed and enhancing transparency.

Power of AI to Automatically Create 3D Navigable

OpenSpace Capture stands at the forefront of the digital revolution, fundamentally altering how we perceive and interact with physical space. By providing a user-friendly platform for capturing, exploring, and analyzing real-world spaces, it represents a significant step toward a more connected and sustainable future.