Rental Service


Rent a NAS, Card Printer, Photo Printer, CCTV Surveillance, Scanner, Router, Switch & AP

Our rental service is tailored to meet your unique requirements. We offer custom rental solutions by the hour, by the day, by the week, or by the month, starting from just $$99. 

This allows you to have the tech resources you need, for exactly as long as you need them, without a hefty investment.

We understand...

At ACE Peripherals, we understand that investing in technology can be a significant decision. Our Rental Service is designed to provide a flexible solution for your temporary or project-based needs, allowing you to access top-notch equipment without the upfront costs. 

Whether you need to ramp up your resources for a short-term project, test a new system before making a decision, or simply want to keep your technology up-to-date with minimal investment, our rental service is the answer.

Why Rental Helps?

We bridge the gap between your technical requirements and budget constraints through our tailored Rental Service. Our rental solutions are crafted to provide you with the technological resources you need, precisely when you need them, without the hefty upfront costs. 

Whether it's a short-term project, a special event, or a trial phase before a permanent setup, our Rental Service is here to cater to your unique needs.

Types of Rental

ACE Peripherals paves the way for effortless access to essential tech resources through our tailored Rental Service. Catering to a variety of needs, our rental solutions provide the technological tools you require, exactly when you need them, without the burden of hefty upfront costs. 

Be it a short-term project, a special event, or a trial phase for a more permanent setup, our Rental Service is aligned with your unique demands.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Rental

Ideal for data migration, dealing with a malfunctioning NAS, or requiring temporary storage during short-term travel. Ask for Rent-A-NAS

  • Scalable storage solutions for varied data needs. 
  • Secure and accessible data management. 
  •  Swift setup and breakdown by our technical team.

CCTV Surveillance System Rental

For construction sites, events, or live broadcasts where temporary surveillance is essential. Ask for Rent-A-CCTV

  • Real-time monitoring ensuring safety and security. 
  • Quick installation and removal post-event.

Networking (Router, Switch or Access Point)

Ideal for temporary sites, during network equipment downtime, or construction site internet access. Ask for Rent-A-WiFi

  • Reliable connectivity enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Customized setup to meet specific network requirements.

Card Printer Rental

Perfect for events or during unexpected breakdowns of existing card printers while awaiting repair. Ask for Rent-A-Card

  • High-quality printing for professional and aesthetic card outputs. 
  • On-site support ensuring smooth operation throughout the event.

Photo Printer Rental

Ideal for weddings, celebrations, birthdays, public events, with customization of digital photo frames for any occasion. Ask for Rent-A-Photo

  • Instant high-resolution photo prints enhancing event engagement. 
  • Compact and mobile setup for convenient placement.

Document Scanner Rental

Suitable for digitalization or archiving of documents, and mass scanning of documents. Ask for Rent-A-DMS

  • High-speed scanning boosting operational efficiency. 
  • Versatile scanning options including bulk scanning and various file format outputs.


With ACE Peripherals Rental Service, you have a reliable partner that provides not just equipment, but the assurance of quality, support, and flexibility. 

Your operational success and satisfaction are our priority. Reach out to us to explore how we can support your projects and operations through our rental services.

ACE Rental Service

Our Rental Service transcends beyond mere equipment provision to being a solution that aligns with your operational, financial, and technical objectives. Here are the key benefits:


Avoid the capital expenditure and enjoy the flexibility of having top-notch equipment at a fraction of the purchase cost.

Up-to-Date Technology

Gain access to the latest and best-suited technology without the depreciation concern.

Customized Duration

Whether it's for a few hours or several months, we offer rental solutions tailored to your project timeline.

Technical Support

Our team of experts is always on standby to provide the necessary support ensuring seamless operation of the rented equipment.

Easy Upgrades

Need more resources or better equipment? Easily upgrade your rental arrangement to align with evolving requirements.


About Rental Service

How can I avail the ACE Peripherals Rental Service?

You can reach out to our sales team or visit our contact page to discuss your needs and schedule your rental service.

What is the process to rent equipment from ACE Peripherals?

We have a straightforward process. After understanding your requirements, we'll provide a rental agreement detailing the terms. Once agreed, the equipment will be delivered and set up as per your needs.

Is there a minimum rental period?

We offer flexible rental periods starting from hourly rentals to monthly rentals to cater to different needs.

What if I need to extend the rental period?

Extensions can be easily arranged with a quick communication to our team, ensuring the availability of the equipment for the extended period.

Is technical support available during the rental period?

Yes, we provide technical support to ensure smooth operation of the rented equipment.

What happens if the equipment malfunctions during the rental period?

In the unlikely event of a malfunction, we will provide a replacement or fix the issue promptly to ensure minimal disruption.

How is the rental cost determined?

The rental cost is determined based on the type of equipment, rental duration, and any additional support or services required.

Seamless Technology Access with ACE Rental Service

ACE Peripherals Rental Service is your reliable partner, offering not just equipment, but a promise of quality, support, and flexibility. 

Your operational success and satisfaction are our priority. Explore how we can support your projects and operations through our rental services by reaching out to us today.