QNAP TS-873A vs. Synology DS1821+: A Comparative Analysis of Top-Tier NAS Systems


QNAP TS-873A vs. Synology DS1821+: A Comparative Analysis of Top-Tier NAS Systems - ACE Peripherals

A Comparative Analysis of Top-Tier NAS Systems

When it comes to Network Attached Storage (NAS), both QNAP and Synology are industry leaders offering a range of options for different business needs. In this article, we'll compare two of their popular 8-bay models: the QNAP TS-873A-8G and the Synology DS1821+. Both models are well-suited for SMBs but offer distinct features that could make one a better fit for your specific needs.

Specs Comparison Table

Feature QNAP TS-873A-8G Synology DS1821+
Price USD$1299 (SGD$1799) USD$1149 ($1599)
Operating System QuTS Hero DSM
CPU AMD Ryzen V1500B (4-core / 8-thread / 2.2 GHz) AMD Ryzen V1500B (4-core / 8-thread / 2.2 GHz)
System Memory 8 GB 4 GB
Drive Bay 8 x 3.5” & 2.5” SATA HDD / SSD 8 x 3.5” & 2.5” SATA HDD / SSD
M.2 SSD Slot 2 x PCIe Gen3 x1 2 x NVMe
LAN Port 2 x 2.5GbE 4 x 1GbE
PCIe Slot 2 x Gen 3 x4 1 x Gen3 x8
USB Port 3 x 3.2 Gen 2, 1 x 3.2 Gen 1 4 x 3.2 Gen 1
Max Scalable Storage 1.2 PB 396 TB

Operating Systems: QuTS Hero vs. DSM

While both operating systems offer robust functionality, QuTS Hero brings an extra layer of data protection and integrity with ZFS-based technology. On the other hand, DSM offers a user-friendly interface and comprehensive application support.

CPU & System Memory: Equal Power, Different Efficiency

Both models sport an AMD Ryzen V1500B processor, but the QNAP TS-873A-8G takes the edge with its 8GB of RAM, compared to Synology's 4GB. This enables the QNAP model to handle more tasks simultaneously, providing better performance overall.

Connectivity: 2.5GbE vs. 1GbE

When it comes to networking, the QNAP TS-873A-8G boasts two 2.5GbE LAN ports, offering more bandwidth compared to the Synology DS1821+'s 1GbE ports. Although the Synology model has 4 LAN ports, the QNAP model’s ports offer faster individual speeds.

Storage Capacity: Where Size Does Matter

In terms of scalable storage, the QNAP model far surpasses the Synology model with a whopping 1.2 PB capacity, compared to 396 TB in the Synology DS1821+. This makes the QNAP model more future-proof for businesses expecting data growth.

Final Thoughts

Both NAS models offer compelling features for SMBs. However, the QNAP TS-873A-8G edges out in key areas like system memory, networking, and maximum scalable storage. When considering a comprehensive and future-proof solution, the QNAP model proves to be a compelling choice.

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