Revolutionizing Surveillance: Synology and Plate Recognizer's Innovative ALPR Solution


Revolutionizing Surveillance: Synology and Plate Recognizer's Innovative ALPR Solution - ACE Peripherals

Revolutionizing Commercial Surveillance: Synology® and Plate Recognizer™ Partnership

In an innovative leap forward for surveillance technology, Synology® has announced its collaboration with Plate Recognizer™ to introduce automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) capabilities to the Surveillance Station platform. This strategic partnership marks a significant enhancement to Synology NAS and AI-powered NVRs, catering to a wide range of deployment scenarios including commercial property management and transport infrastructure monitoring.

Elevating Video Surveillance with ALPR

A Game-Changing Integration

"ALPR capabilities are game-changers for video surveillance," stated Nini Hsieh, Synology Product Manager for video surveillance. The integration of Synology's Surveillance Station with Plate Recognizer™ unites two powerful technologies, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that enhances security and operational efficiency.

Benefits for Synology and Plate Recognizer Customers

The collaboration brings automated footage labeling, streamlining post-event reviews and simplifying the identification process. Plate Recognizer's advanced detection capabilities excel in recognizing a wide variety of license plates, overcoming common challenges such as poor lighting or extreme angles. When combined with Surveillance Station’s robust recording, archiving, and multi-site management features, customers are equipped with a formidable tool for real-time vehicle identification and secure footage archiving for detailed post-incident analysis.

Synology at a Glance

Synology continues to lead in data management technology, embracing evolving digital trends to offer solutions across data storage and backup, file collaboration, video management, and network infrastructure. Its commitment to providing a centralized platform simplifies IT administration and supports businesses in their digital transformation journeys.

Plate Recognizer’s ALPR Technology

Plate Recognizer's ALPR technology offers versatility and precision across various applications, from license plate reading to parking management. Highlights include:

  • Snapshot ALPR: This image processing API decodes license plates, vehicle makes, models, and colors, supporting a broad range of hardware platforms.
  • Stream ALPR: Capable of processing live camera feeds, this solution detects vehicle details, including license plates, make, model, and more, supporting up to four cameras simultaneously on a mid-range PC.
  • ParkPow: A comprehensive parking management platform that integrates seamlessly with Stream and Snapshot, offering proactive alerts, analytics, and more.
  • Plate Recognizer Blur: This tool blurs sensitive information in images or videos, ensuring privacy and compliance.
  • Container ID and Boat ID: Specialized recognition services for container and boat identification, showcasing the versatility of Plate Recognizer’s OCR technology.

Raising the Bar in ALPR Technology

Plate Recognizer's commitment to excellence is evident in its focus on environmental adaptability, self-learning algorithms, and region-specific optimizations. Its ALPR engine can decode up to five license plates from a single image, minimizing false positives and enhancing reliability in diverse operational conditions.

Conclusion: Setting New Standards in Surveillance

The partnership between Synology® and Plate Recognizer™ introduces a new era in surveillance technology, blending state-of-the-art ALPR capabilities with comprehensive video management solutions. This collaboration not only expands commercial possibilities but also redefines the standards of security and operational efficiency in surveillance systems.

Discover the combined power of Synology Surveillance Station and Plate Recognizer’s ALPR technology to elevate your surveillance capabilities to new heights.


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