Comparing WiFi 6 AX3000-AX3600 Access Points: Aruba, D-Link, TP-Link and Ubiquiti


Comparing WiFi 6 AX3000-AX3600 Access Points: Aruba, D-Link, TP-Link and Ubiquiti - ACE Peripherals

Selecting the Ideal WiFi 6 AX3000-AX3600 Access Point for Homes and Small Offices

Navigating through the myriad of WiFi 6 AX3000-AX3600 access points can be daunting. This comparison aims to simplify your decision-making process by examining four notable models: Aruba Instant On AP25, D-Link DAP-X2850, Ubiquiti U6+, and TP-Link EAP653. We will assess their strengths and weaknesses to help you identify the best fit for your home or small office.

Feature Comparison Table

Features/Brand Aruba Instant On AP25 D-Link DAP-X2850 TP-Link EAP653 Ubiquiti U6+
WIFI Class AX3000 AX3600 AX3000 AX3000
Wi-Fi Speed (2.4 GHz) 574 Mbps 1147 Mbps 574 Mbps 574 Mbps
Wi-Fi Speed (5 GHz) 2400 Mbps 2400 Mbps 2400 Mbps 2400 Mbps
Ports 1 x 2.5GE 1 x GE, 1 x 2.5GE 1 x GE 1 x GE
Wireless Client Capacity 100+ 200+ 250+ 300
Antenna 3.8 to 4.6 dBi 3.5 to 5.5 dBi 4 dBi to 5 dBi 3 dBi to 5.4 dBi
MIMO 2×2 2×2 2×2 2×2
Mesh Capabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Seamless Roaming Yes Yes Yes Yes
MU-MIMO Yes Yes Yes Yes
Captive Portal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Managed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple SSIDs 16 16 16 16
Power Supply PoE / 12V DC PoE / 12V DC PoE / 12V DC PoE / 48V Passive PoE
Price (SGD) $469 $388 $169 $189
Warranty Two Years (Return to RMA) Limited Lifetime (1-to-1 Exchange) 5 Years (1-to-1 Exchange) One Year (Return to RMA)
Real-Life Testing Intermittent disconnect Stable Stable Minor disconnections
Speedtest Results (Ookla) Download 534Mbps, Upload 477Mbps Download 890Mbps, Upload 702Mbps Download 882Mbps, Upload 890Mbps Download 678Mbps, Upload 702Mbps
Environmental Adaptability Moderate Excellent Good Good
Integration with Smart Home Systems Low Moderate High High
Ease of Installation Complex Moderate Simple Simple
Overall User Experience Fair Very Good Excellent Good


Analysis and Recommendations

Aruba Instant On AP25, while a solid product, is less favorable due to its higher price and more complex installation. It's a viable option only for those already within the Aruba ecosystem or for users who require specific features offered by Aruba.

D-Link DAP-X2850 stands out for its higher Wi-Fi speed in the 2.4 GHz band and the inclusion of a 2.5GE port, offering enhanced connectivity options. Its robust environmental adaptability and lifetime warranty also make it a strong contender, especially for more demanding environments.

TP-Link EAP653 emerges as the top choice, offering the best balance of performance, features, and price. Its competitive speed, seamless integration with smart home systems, and user-friendly installation make it ideal for most Singapore homes and small offices.

Ubiquiti U6+ offers a middle ground with a higher client capacity and consistent performance, suitable for users who prioritize device connectivity over extended range or advanced features.


For most users in Singapore, TP-Link EAP653 provides the best overall experience, followed closely by D-Link DAP-X2850. Ubiquiti U6+ offers a reliable alternative for those with specific needs. Aruba's AP25 is generally recommended only if you are already invested in their ecosystem, as transitioning away from Aruba might be more cost-effective in the long run.


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